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Lauren Cirina

Editorial Manager

“Our editor-in-chief recently viewed your program on “What to Know Before Signing or Negotiating a B2B Marketing Agreement in 2011” and thought it was fantastic!”

Douglas Robinson

"We are very excited by the coverage and think that your story ["Don't Let Foreclosed Homes Ruin Your Neighborhood"] will be a big help to communities struggling with foreclosure. We plan to produce a mention on our blog and use twitter to draw attention to the article."

Mary Lee Jacobs

Financial Consultant/ Civil Litigator

Law Firm of Alfred T. LePore, Arlington, MA

"I have come across your article [Tuition Takes Sting Out of Withdrawal] this morning through my Internet domain and truly was impressed with this piece of literature. In fact, this was the first piece of material within the past year and as civil litigator who would consider noteworthy enough to be forward to my close friends such Mark S. Kozol, Esq from Clarke,Snow & Riley LLP. It is always refreshing whenever we come across a jouranlist with such refreshing thoughts as yourself.”

Adrian Wilson

"Great Article! I loved the low key and informative tone. The best part of this article [Sec Filings: Forms You Need to Know] was your ability tread a fine line by honing in on a few of the many filings and articulating their meanings without becoming so granular , that someone unfamilar with finance would be lost, or coming across in a basic or condescending tone. Kudos!”

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