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Hire Us for Your Editing Needs

Sometimes we make our first draft our final draft. Either we write down our thoughts on paper, or type our thoughts and watch as they are displayed on the computer screen. Too often, an important step is missed: editing. When this step is overlooked, it can cause confusion, consume time, and cost money. 




Let us help you organize your thoughts and clarify complex ideas. We can improve the quality of your writing by adhering to your organization’s writing style and guidelines and by catching  any grammar and spelling errors.   


Communicate Better with B.Y. Communications Worldwide.

*SPECIAL* Let Us Strengthen Your Screenplay

Screenplays are a narrative blueprint for a film. They must meet strict structural rules. When you edit your screenplay, you’re not only clarifying your vision, but you’re also adhering to these rules. Editing your work also reduces time and money during the production of your film because the content is more clear and well organized.


Our professional editor,                             , reviews your scenes for grammar, punctuation, and word choice and cuts back on dull, boring and unnecessary dialogue. Ms. Yuille helps to give your words more purpose, checks scene order and structure, and makes sure blocks of action move the story.


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