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Discover the Best Marketing Tools for

your Business


Excel Business Blogging


Create your Communication Powerhouse


Find out why blogging is the best marketing tool for your business and learn how to produce compelling content for your blog posts. 


The Excel with Business Blogging course provides you with an overview of business blogging by describing how blogging gives your brand a personality. The course explains the fundamentals of blogging, provides case studies and gets you started on a content plan that addresses timing, quality, topics, legal risks and policies.


The course provides a demonstration on how to set up your editorial calendar and provides an editorial roadmap calendar template.  Templates for your blogging policy, blogging privacy policy and blogging comment policy are also included.  

It's everything you need to know about business  blogging and so much more, START TODAY.

Create Your Business Narrative: Bank on Content


Generate buzz about your brand with content that tells your business' story.


This course helps you to drive traffic to your business whether online or offline. It equips you with the tools to get started with your own content marketing program. It teaches you how to use content marketing to build your brand by engaging your audience with effective story-telling. The course will take between one to two hours but its structured for you to view videos and read short chapters at certain moments throughout your day.

Frugal Living


Find out how to adopt a frugal mindset, select a budget that works for you and learn some savings tips and tricks.


This course is an introduction to the frugal lifestyle. It prepares you to modify your spending behavior. The video course allows you to participate in many activities to help organize your life and finances.


First, frugality is analyzed to understand the skills and tools needed for a lifestyle adjustment. Next, household expenses are examined and different methods to plan for the flow of income and expenses are addressed. Last, expenses for the most common household bills are reviewed to determine where and how to save money.


The course takes an hour to complete, but as you proceed you may want to review sections or take some additional time to review the activities.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will be able to live comfortably while living frugal.

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